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To browse source code visit
To get the latest source code (with the SVN command line client) use the following command:
$ svn co

Get SVNKit Eclipse Plugin from update site

To get an Eclipse plugin version use as an update site location in Eclipse Update Manager.

  • In Eclipse menu select Help->Software Updates->Find and Install...
  • Then choose 'Search for new features to install' combobox
  • Click 'Next', then click 'New Remote Site...'
  • Type in the URL field and your preferred name for the update site in the name field.
  • Check the new site (it should appear in the list of update sites) and follow further steps prompted by Eclipse.
Note: Following above instructions you will get a SVNKit library installed as an Eclipse plugin, so Eclipse plugins you're developing could use SVNKit library. There is no need to install SVNKit as Eclipse plugin for Subclipse users, because Subclipse already includes SVNKit library and does not need any additional plugins to use it. Just select 'SVNKit' in Subclipse preference page to make Subclipse use SVNKit.

Latest Stable Version

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